$3.59M NIMH Grant Awarded to Serena Spudich, MD

A new, five-year grant of $3.59 million from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) was awarded to lead investigator Serena Spudich, MD, Gilbert Glaser Professor of Neurology at Yale, along with co-PI, Joshua Cyktor, PhD. , from the University of Pittsburgh.

The R01MH125737 grant is titled “CNS Viral Persistence and Neuropsychiatric Perturbations in HIV: Single Cell and Molecular Interrogation.” Yale researchers supporting this project include: Shelli Farhadian, MD, PhD (Yale, Internal Medicine), Yuval Kluger, PhD (Yale, Pathology), and Rong Fan, PhD (Yale, Biomedical Engineering). External researchers include Leah Rubin, MA, MPH, PhD (Johns Hopkins University, Neurology) and Co-PI Dr. Cyktor and John Mellors, MD (University of Pittsburgh, Infectious Diseases)

To optimize the cognition and mental health of people with HIV, insight is needed into the biological links between these functions and HIV infection in the central nervous system (CNS). In this project, a single-cell and molecular study of the CNS disease profile of people with HIV over time is proposed. The discovery of the mechanism of how HIV affects the CNS will lead to innovative targeted therapies that could modulate immune factors or block specific viral effects to improve neurological outcomes, even without total elimination of the CNS HIV-1 reservoir.

Submitted by Allison Greco on June 01, 2021

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