5-Year-Old Entertains Pediatric Floor With Solo Dance Recital

It’s a story about how a little girl regained her glow with the help of some Tri-State doctors and nurses.

“They went above and beyond for my child, which is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever done for us,” said Jennifer Miller, Ruby’s mom.

Ruby Miller is five years old and loves to dance.

She practiced for almost a year to prepare for her first recital, but when the day came when she took the stage, she was in a hospital bed.

“She had been so sick since December,” Miller says. “We had watched her go downhill for several weeks and months, and it was frustrating. This was just one more thing she would miss.”

Ruby had been battling ear infections constantly and her condition was getting worse.

It was on Ascension of St. Vincent where she was admitted to get well.

For almost two weeks this normally happy and glittering girl was fighting.

“If you’re here for two weeks like her, the room goes like this and you just have to do something,” says nurse Jesscia Schmitt. ‘They are children. They should feel like children, whether they are sick or not.’

Ruby told Schmitt, one of her nurses, about her dilemma.

“She already missed her first t-ball game and she missed her first dance recital, and then I was like, ‘No, we can do that,’ says Schmitt. “We can certainly do that.”

In just a few hours, the pediatric department got together to design a backdrop, make plates and get her flowers, this Ruby could shine.

“I was excited and nervous,” Ruby says.

“Everyone was a little confused at the beginning and everyone came and we worked it out as best we could during the day,” says Schmitt.

By dressing her costume, hair and makeup, with an audience of her own, Ruby was able to be herself again for the first time in months.

“I called my husband and I said ‘hey, do you want to see someone you haven’t seen in a long time? and I showed him her, and she was her glittery self again,” Miller says. “It meant a lot.”

A kind act by members of the St. Vincent care team who helped this little girl regain her glitter.

“It feels great that this is what I get to do for work,” says Schmitt. “I take care of people like Ruby and meet their families and I feel really happy and blessed.”

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