5-year-old finishes cancer treatment at Golisano Children’s Hospital

FORT MYERS, Florida – A 5-year-old boy at Golisano Children’s Hospital was allowed to ring the bell after 16 months of cancer treatment!

The hospital said Jeremiah rang the bell on Wednesday, signaling the end of his clinical chemotherapy. He is officially cancer free.

Jeremiah was diagnosed with neuroblastoma and underwent 16 months of treatment, hospital officials said.

Before treatment, Jeremiah’s parents noticed that he was not acting like himself. Later he started limping, had repeated fevers and eventually could not walk at all.

“It was tough on our family, but we never lost faith that he would recover,” says Jeremiah’s mother, Daniela.

The Child Life team threw Jeremiah a Spiderman themed party as he is a huge fan of superheroes. The hospital said that when Jeremiah grows up, he wants to be a cop, so he can be a hero too!

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