A pediatric dentist going above and beyond for patients

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. (WDBJ) – There is a pediatric dentist who does everything for children in Christiansburg. They call him the “Balloon Doctor” or Dr. yazan.

dr. Yazan Aljohani makes the likeness of his young patients in more ways than one.

He is a dentist by profession at Virginia Children’s Dentistry in Christiansburg, but is also an accomplished balloon artist.

“That’s why I like working here. This place really cares about kids. I would say the two most important things I care about are quality dentistry, but also giving a really nice experience,” said Dr. yazan.

He creates a work of art — using balloons and gives it to his patients at the end of every visit.

It all started when he shadowed other dentists and realized he wanted to work with kids full time.

“There is an interaction between us outside of dentistry. When I walk into the room — I don’t look at their teeth, I don’t talk about their teeth — I look at the child in his eyes, and I spoke to him yes, mommy is there I wave hi to mommy, but I have focused all my attention on that child,” said Dr. Yazan.

The doctor then stumbled upon the world of balloon art, and the rest is history.

He says dentistry is more to him than what is taught in dental school.

The Balloon Doctor says that making the balloons is a way to help kids not be afraid of the dentist.

You can follow him on Instagram at ‘balloondoc’.

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