Amarillo pediatricians comment about common childhood illnesses making a come back

AMARILLO, Texas (KFDA) — With the easing of pandemic restrictions, croup and other common childhood illnesses are resurfacing.

In recent weeks, local pediatricians have seen an increase in patients with Croup, a respiratory infection that hinders breathing and causes a distinctive barking cough.

“I see croup caused by parainfluenza several times a day,” said Dr. Rex Fletcher, pediatrician.

Doctors say croup right now is just one of many other illnesses that usually occur in winter.

“We don’t usually see a lot of croup in the summer, which is a little weird,” says Dr. Mariada George, MD, FAAP, pediatrician at Panhandle Pediatrics.

“Influenza, parainfluenza and some other viruses that are currently going on,” said Dr. fletcher.

“We actually see things in small waves,” said Dr. George. “We’ll see maybe a week or so, several days of one thing and then that’ll go down a little bit, and then we’ll see something else.”

Croup, usually treated with a steroid, improves within a few days.

“If you think your child has croup, you can take him outside where it is cool and see if that would ease the breathing and coughing,” said Dr. George. “The other thing you can do is take a steamy shower and that calms it down too.”

Although Dr. George says she doesn’t expect a large number of infections this summer, as children are more widespread, they still advise parents to look for common viruses.

“A lot of people, since the adults have been vaccinated, also take the mask off the kids, but the kids can still get COVID and they can still get other diseases,” said Dr. George.

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