Annual memorial ride raises money for pediatric charities

WAUSAU, Wisconsin (WSAW) – Sandy’s Ride for Kids is commemorating the deceased wife of a Marathon County cyclist by donating to her favorite charities with a memorial ride.

The bike parade started Saturday morning at Pro Motor Sports in Wausau. Pro Motor Sports co-owner Allen Zahrt said the ride has been a tradition for over a decade.

“My business partner, Dennis’s wife, died 12 years ago, and we embarked on a memorial ride,” Zahrt explained. “She always loved charities for the children.”

More than 50 bikers put $20 into charity before riding 100 miles. The money raised will go to charities in central Wisconsin.

“The Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation is one of them,” Zahrt said. “We also go to people who may need a wheelchair, or transport to and from their hospital visit. We work together with the local population.”

Other donations came from the bikers who bought raffle tickets for various items.

Before leaving, the organizers donated $500 to the family of an annual rider. Sadirae Kruth said the donation is helping her great-grandson’s battle with cancer.

“Thomas has a different type of cancer, but he is doing very well,” explains Kruth. “He has to stay in the hospital for a month, then he goes home for a week and then he goes to the hospital for another month. So it’s been about 7 or 8 months since he’s been in and out of the hospital.”

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