Anthem LemonAid fundraiser to support children with cancer

RICHMOND, Va. – Expect lemonade stands across Central Virginia during the month of July for the 21st annual Anthem LemonAid fundraiser.

“It benefits Richmond Children’s Hospital at VCU, specifically the ASK Hematology and Oncology Clinics, so any funds raised with Anthem LemonAid presented by Richmond Ford will benefit that clinic,” says Vaughan Clark of Children’s Hospital Foundation at VCU.

Not only does the event bring together families and friends, but the community also has the opportunity to support children with cancer. As of today, $1.6 million has been raised and registration is open.

“And if they go to, participants can register for a virtual booth or a physical booth, and we’ve scheduled a kit pick-up for mid-July, July 15,” said Clark,

The kits include lemonade mix, a pitcher, cups, glasses, masks and a banner of patient champion Josie.

You can also participate in the lemon, sports or baking challenge and share photos on social media. As a registered participant, you get your own fundraiser page.

“So if you have family and friends who want to donate specifically to your booth where they can go, you can direct them to your fundraising page and they can donate directly online,” Clark said.

Registration is open all month, and make sure to be present at CBS 6 in July for our own lemonade stand.

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