Beaverton Pediatrician Could Lose License Over Vaccine Resistance

The Oregon Medical Board in December suspended the emergency license of pediatrician Paul Thomas in Beaverton, citing his violations of standard medical practice regarding vaccines. The suspension remains in effect, but now the board is trying to punish him on a more permanent basis.

On April 22, the board of directors issued a notice of proposed disciplinary action, citing “gross negligence” for “promoting an inadequate vaccine schedule, which failed to meet standard of care.”

He faces possible revocation of his license and fines up to $10,000 for each violation.

Thomas was the subject of a 2019 WW cover story (“Alt-Vaxx,” March 20, 2019), in which he was profiled after a local measles outbreak, but his alternative facts about vaccines take on new meaning during the COVID-19 crisis. pandemic.

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