Campbellsport senior shortstop conquering brain cancer

It is a day that Damien Feucht will never forget.

“She’s a senior in high school, so it should be a drive into the sunset. October 12 came around and changed our lives significantly in that one day,” said Damien Feucht, assistant softball coach at Campbellsport High School.

October 12 was the day an MRI told Damien that his daughter Alexis had a brain tumor.

“We saw the mass on my right frontal lobe. They referred us to the children’s hospital and we went down that same night, we were admitted,” said Alexis, a teenage athlete battling brain cancer.

Before Alexis knew it, she was undergoing surgery.

“They got 100 percent of the tumor. There was nothing left,” Alexis says.

Before the doctors could make a full diagnosis, Alexis was already fighting.

“Those are just numbers, they don’t mean anything. I’m a completely different person, everyone’s diagnosis is different. And some people have beaten this, so I’m confident I’ll be fine,” Alexis says.

With a mindset strong enough to conquer anything that comes her way, Alexis has exceeded any expectations her friends, family, or doctors might have set.

“She understood what her diagnosis meant, she understood what was going on, but she didn’t let it slow her down because what was the point of that,” Damien says.

“In November and December I did 32 radiation treatments and in January I started chemo,” says Alexis.

Alexis played volleyball, graduated in May and is currently playing softball – all while kicking cancer out of the way.

“The way she responded to the surgery, how quickly she was released from the hospital, how she handled radiation – those are small wins for us. We talked about that as a family, that we’re going to take every little win, because that is what is going to give us the big win in the end,” says Damien.

With monthly scans showing the deadly cells disappearing, Alexis does have a complaint about it.

“That’s the only complaint I have, that it takes a long time and those treatments aren’t fun,” Alexis says.

You can’t blame her. Nobody likes to waste their time, and that’s exactly what cancer does. Because Alexis has already won.

“This whole thing has changed my whole perspective and I’ve had a lot of growing up I feel. So that’s one of the things I would say to anyone, don’t worry about the little things. It doesn’t matter, just be you, live your life, and nothing else matters,” says Alexis.

Click here to go to a GoFundMe fundraiser for Alexis.

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