Children’s Cancer Foundation turns Hair for Hope event digital complete with live-streaming and AR filter

Children’s Cancer Foundation is making its iconic fundraising event, Hair for Hope, virtual this year. The digital marketing efforts for Hair for Hope 2021 will be supported by a strong focus on storytelling brought to life through emotional exchanges from past “shaves” (those who shaved their hair before the event), childhood cancer survivors and caregivers. This is done on social media through a mix of static and rich media content.

There will also be live streaming of head shaving throughout the two-month campaign. With a total of four live streams throughout the campaign, each live stream session will have at least two ceremonial “shaves” and live streaming will take place at partner locations such as Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery. In addition, Hair for Hope will roll out brand stickers, AR (augmented reality) filter on Instagram and DP frame (display picture) on Facebook. The Facebook display frame and AR filter will launch in late April and mid-May, respectively. The AR filter also offers multiple variations for users to choose from. Shavers in particular will be able to show their ‘before-after’ look with the filter.

In a statement to MARKETING-INTERACTIVE, a Children’s Cancer Foundation spokesperson said the goal this year is to attract at least 1,500 shaves and raise SG $ 1.5 million for children and families affected by cancer.

Pre-publicity for the event, which will take place from May 2 to June 30, has already started. This includes the unveiling of the Hair for Hope 2021 logo. Conceptualized around the theme of survival instincts, the new logo (pictured below) aims to represent the new normal post-COVID-19 as well as the key features Children’s Cancer Foundation aims to develop in affected children and their caregivers. To raise awareness of the event, Children’s Cancer Foundation will also leverage marketing platforms such as EDMs, Facebook, Instagram and Google, as well as offline digital billboards and in-train spots. The campaign is being done in partnership with local independent agency, JET.AVE.

Held annually, Hair for Hope is a head shaving campaign in Singapore that aims to raise funds and raise awareness in support of childhood cancer. The campaign typically culminates in a two-day physical event, where participants commit to the Hair for Hope slogan to make a “bald statement” and shave their heads to show solidarity with children suffering from the common side effect of chemotherapy. According to Children’s Cancer Foundation, more than 5,400 people attended in 2019, but the event was canceled last year after the COVID-19 outbreak to prioritize the safety of Hair for Hope’s supporters and staff.

Unlike previous years, interested Hair for Hope 2021 attendees will have to register as a “shavee” on the Hair for Hope website, pick up their merchandise from one of the branded vending machines around the island, shave their heads on their own convenience and should mark their shave on the website to complete the process.

Peng Hai Ying, CEO of the Children’s Cancer Foundation, said, “As with life in the wild, each family at Children’s Cancer Foundation develops their own blend of survival instincts to help them cope with the physical, emotional and psychological consequences of the diseases. Children’s Cancer Foundation programs and services help children and their caregivers develop resilience and find alternative ways to thrive. Peng added that the need to serve the beneficiaries remains the Children’s Cancer Foundation’s most powerful driver. could bring it, ”she added.

The challenge of turning a physical event like Hair for Hope into a virtual one lies in having a tight offline-to-online strategy, said JET.AVE co-founder Avelyn Ng. In addition to re-educating existing fans about the format change, the agency had to ensure that coverage was consistent and that interest was maintained at various touch points. “Over the years, Hair for Hope has gathered a large number of loyal supporters. We see this digital move as an opportunity to equip them with more tools to spread the word, strengthen their voice on social media and in turn turn them into HfH’s own micro-influencers. Because of their user-generated content, we will also be able to reach new audiences, ”said Ng.

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