Doctors remind parents about routine well child checks

NORTH FLAT, Neb. (BUTTON) – The American Academy of Pediatrics is urging families to keep their children’s vaccines up to date during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially those under the age of two.

Dr. Melissa Mosel is a pediatrician at Great Plains Health and says it’s important to stay on track to protect children and families from vaccine-preventable illnesses.

During the pandemic, child controls had even been canceled. With the number of COVID-19 numbers declining, Mosel said appointments for physics and annual routine checkups are picking up.

“Often parents may think: why do they come in every year?” Mosel said. “We were just there, we were healthy, we have no problems, but it’s really important to keep track of all the planned vaccinations. Apart from that, when we talk about growth and development, do they meet developmental milestones, are there many problems with sleep, nutrition, behavior in school? So now is a good time to address all those concerns that are brewing or that are not regularly discussed at home that we would like to bring up here at the clinic. “

Dr. Mosel added that it is also important for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and asthma to have their asthma controlled, especially with many allergies.

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