Does Doc McStuffins Have Cancer? The Truth Behind This Rumor

The Disney Junior animated show Doc McStuffins follows Dottie “Doc” McStuffins, a 7-year-old girl who dreams of one day becoming a doctor; In preparation for her bright future, she takes care of a variety of stuffed animals with different ailments.

The show was a recipient of the 2014 Peabody Award and was last broadcast in 2020. But despite the show’s health, some argue it has a darker premise – most notably, that Doc has cancer. Is she?

Doc McStuffins dying of cancer?

A theory has been circulating on the internet between Facebook and Reddit claiming that Doc, the main protagonist of the kids show, actually has cancer, explaining why her toys can talk to her.

Theories like this often circulate about children’s programs, claiming that there is actually a darker side to the program than what is portrayed. This hug doctor theory is widespread online, leading some to wonder if it’s true.

Source: Disney

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“[Did you know] – Doc McStuffins is actually a little girl dying of cancer and her medication makes her believe her toys can talk and so she imagines she’s a doctor who can save toys because she knows the doctors can’t save her . of these messages.

But while there have been multiple claims online that Doc has cancer, there’s nothing from the show’s creators to suggest this theory could be true.

In the show’s first season, viewers learn that Doc’s mother is a pediatrician, which inspires the young girl to one day want to become a doctor too. She then starts practicing for medical school by taking care of her stuffed animals, and with her magical stethoscope, her stuffed toys come to life.

It’s more likely that all of the events in this show are fabrications of the protagonist’s imagination, rather than caused by a child’s cancer treatment.

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Source: Disney

Doc McStuffins has tackled cancer before.

While Doc doesn’t have cancer himself, the children’s show has tackled the difficult topic of childhood cancer before. In an episode entitled ‘Hannah the Brave’, Doc and her team take in Hannah, a doll with bubble gum in her hair. Hannah’s owner is Audrey, a little girl who is currently undergoing chemotherapy. While Audrey was playing with Hannah, she accidentally dropped her in the trash, causing the gum to get stuck in her hair.

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Because chemotherapy weakens the patient’s immune system, Audrey was unable to treat Hannah with her, as the gums could potentially have germs that could make Audrey sick. So Doc and her team find a way to help Hannah get back to Audrey.

Ultimately, the only way to get the gum out of Hannah’s hair is to cut it, which she does, as Hannah says it’s more important to be there for Audrey to help her heal than to heal her hair.

Audrey’s mother is voiced by Robin Roberts, presenter of Good Morning America, who herself has survived cancer.

“A lot of kids who watch us have chronic illnesses – things that can’t be cured with a kiss and a hug – so we made a story just for them,” creator and executive producer Chris Nee told TV Insider. “We wanted an episode that says, ‘We’ll see you.’ ”

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