Duncan’s Tips: June 2021 Roundup

This month, in Duncan’s Tuesday tips series, Duncan explores simple window cleaning tips, explains what retrofit vs. new construction windows is, dives into how to know when it’s time to replace your sliding door, and explores “what are replacement windows?” You can find these and more if you subscribe to the Newman Windows YouTube Channel here.

Tips and Tricks from Your Southern California Window and Door Resource

Easy window cleaning

Check out how easy cleaning new vinyl windows can be! Often we only think about cleaning the glass, but that is because it is so difficult to clean older frames and rails.

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Retrofit versus new-build windows

This week Duncan quickly discusses the difference between Retrofit installation and New build installation. While there are differences in the installation process, there are also additional aspects to consider, such as the original frame opening and the product. These may contribute to a changed installation process, but the basics remain the same: Set, Seal and Trim!

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When is it time to replace your sliding door?

Duncan talks about some of his experiences replacing sliding doors. We often find that people are not aware of how badly old aluminum sliding doors function. While aluminum doors start to stick as they corrode over time, the new vinyl doors can slide with just one finger!

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What are replacement Windows?

In this video, Duncan explains what a replacement window is and how it is built for installation over your existing window frame. Many people ask us this question because there can be some confusion about the size of the construction project. This explanation is for retrofit windows and Duncan also describes the differences between the type of work required for retrofit versus new construction.

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