Four Quebec Hospitals Mobilize to Fight Pediatric Cancer

QUEBEC, June 2, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ – Fondation Charles-Bruneau today announced a historic commitment of more than $25 million over five years to fight childhood cancer in Quebec. This commitment, which will be the foundation’s largest to date, is based on a visionary approach that will bring together the collaboration and complementarity of the four university hospitals in Quebec specializing in pediatric oncology. Multiple research projects will be funded to strive for a cancer-free childhood for all children in Quebec.

This announcement marks a milestone for Fondation Charles-Bruneau not only because of the size of the investment, but also because the four pediatric oncology centers in Quebec will use their respective expertise and research teams to fight childhood cancer. The battle will be fought on all fronts: cell-by-cell analysis of cancer, simplification of diagnosis and follow-up, precision treatments (targeted therapy, cell and gene therapy), improved nursing care, screening and management of mental health problems (particularly through art therapy), and preventing the after-effects of cancer by promoting healthy lifestyles. The foundation’s vision and leadership will enable pediatric hemato-oncology researchers with the province’s four institutions to collaborate on behalf of thousands of children and their families in Quebec.

Specifically, the commitment is broken down as follows:

Nearly $9 million for CHU Québec-Université Laval to implement a project to improve nursing care for children with cancer, working with the children and their families. This project will have an impact throughout Quebec and beyond. By tailoring care to the needs of families, this research will increase nurses’ expertise and facilitate their retention. More than $11 million for CHU Sainte-Justine to support innovative research into cancer cell-by-cell analysis and the development of new treatments (targeted therapies, cell and gene therapies). The support of Fondation Charles-Bruneau will also make it possible to deliver concrete results of previous research to patients: implementation of molecular diagnostics, support of families in psychological distress and support of healthy living habits to reduce the risk of cancer after-effects and its treatments. Nearly $250,000 to the CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS to support a pharmacy position dedicated to developing the pediatric pharmacology research sector in the context of the COG’s recent membership of the CHUS, thus opening therapeutic studies to speed up. The support of Fondation Charles-Bruneau will also finance the purchase of the necessary material resources. Nearly $5.5 million for Montreal Children’s Hospital to develop a method of detecting and tracking cancer through a simple blood test that will help prevent invasive procedures, speed up the diagnosis of solid tumors and follow-up. up of the patient will simplify.

Under the auspices of Fondation Charles-Bruneau, the four university hospitals serving pediatric hemato-oncology clients will share the work in a complementary manner.

Quebec, a leader in pediatric oncology
The many projects that will be financially supported by Fondation Charles-Bruneau will help to promote the expertise of Quebec researchers and position them as leaders in pediatric hemato-oncology on the international stage. Ultimately, the foundation hopes to cure the 20% of children whose cancers are still resistant to treatment and improve the quality of life of children in remission by reducing the side effects and aftereffects of their disease. This great commitment offers an extraordinary opportunity to move faster and further together towards a cancer-free childhood.

“The commitment is ambitious, but slowing down the pace was out of the question. Advances in research and new technologies are promising. The funding needed is significant, but we are confident that we can continue to count on the continued generosity of the general public and our valued partners to be able to carry out these beautiful projects!”
– Pierre Bruneau, founder and spokesperson of Fondation Charles-Bruneau

“We are extremely proud to make this historic commitment today with the Quebec researchers who hold the hopes of thousands of children in their hands. They are all striving to cure the 20% of children whose cancers are still resistant to treatment, in addition to improving their quality of life by reducing side effects and after-effects. We have been preparing for this announcement for almost two years now. We absolutely must form alliances in view of the challenges ahead, because now more than Someday we hope for a cure for children lies in the research.”
– Rébecca Dumont, Executive Director, Charles-Bruneau Foundation

“Our deepest thanks to Fondation Charles-Bruneau for this partnership. The caregivers, researchers and families are immensely grateful. This support allows us to provide the best for our young patients. Our research results can even be exported worldwide for the benefit of all children with cancer Together we are really on the way to Charles’s dream.”
– dr. Bruno Michon, CHU de Québec-Laval University

“The commitment of Fondation Charles-Bruneau has undergone a transformation for the teams of CHU Sainte-Justine over the past decades. It is thanks to their exceptional support that our center is now a world leader in pediatric hemato-oncology. It is also thanks to the foundation that our teams are ready to confidently lead the way in what research and innovative therapies may soon promise to the children of Quebec. On behalf of them and that of my colleagues, I am immensely proud and grateful for this exceptional and renewed commitment. hopeful that with them, and with the shared strengths of the four Charles-Bruneau centers and units in Quebec, we will continue to transform pediatric hemato-oncology care.”
– dr. Michel Duval, CHU Sainte-Justine

“It is very exciting for our team to participate in these national and international projects with a common goal: curing and preventing childhood cancer.”
– dr. Josée Brossard, CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS

“We are extremely grateful to Fondation Charles-Bruneau for his pioneering gift to pediatric cancer research at Montreal Children’s Hospital. Dr. Janusz Rak’s transformational research support will benefit all children in Quebec with cancer. An investment in liquid biopsies will support the diagnosis of solid tumors in children, enable early detection of recurrences and predict remission, while significantly reducing the pain and risks of current biopsies.”
– dr. David Mitchell, Montreal Children’s Hospital

About the Charles-Bruneau Foundation
Fondation Charles-Bruneau just celebrated 30 years of involvement in childhood cancer. Since its inception, the foundation’s mission has been to give all children with cancer a better chance of recovery. After investments of more than $40 million, specialized Charles-Bruneau units have been set up in the four university hospitals in Quebec that treat children with cancer: CHU Sainte-Justine, the Montreal Children’s Hospital, CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS and CHU de Quebec University Laval. With financial commitments announced in 2021, research investment will total $55 million since the foundation’s inception, making it the leading funder of pediatric hemato-oncology research in Quebec.

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