Get It Right The First Time: Why Replacement Windows Should Be Measured By Professionals

If you are considering replacing windows for your home, you may be thinking… how hard is it? I can do it myself! While a do-it-yourself route may seem like the most cost-effective, reasonable solution, unless you have extensive home repair experience installing replacement windows can only be a costly mistake.

The truth is that hiring professionals to replace your existing windows typically saves time, money and frustration.

How to Measure Replacement Windows (Hint: Let the Pros Do It!)


Measuring replacement windows requires you to measure accurately, but there are some tricks to the trade. Knowing and applying these tricks is the difference between properly fitting windows and a renovation nightmare.

A common mistake you can make is failing to take ¼-½ inch off each measurement to make sure the new window slides in and fits properly. Another common mistake is to take one measurement. You will need to measure the top, center and bottom to make sure your window opening is square.

If you find that your DIY replacement windows are too big to open, you probably have an expensive problem. First of all, don’t force the window. It will break. No window warranty covers forcing a window into a space that is too small. You will either need to return your windows and get the correct size (probably at your own expense) or change the size of your opening. Increasing or decreasing your opening presents a whole host of other problems and definitely one path you’ll want to avoid all together.


Yes, when measuring you will need to subtract ¼ to ½ inch to make sure it fits properly on the window, but what if you order windows that are just a little too small? Sure, you can fix the aesthetics (larger trim, shims, etc.), but that won’t solve the structural problem of installing windows that are too small.

Some serious issues when installing a replacement window that is too small may include:

Malfunction: Improperly sized windows usually don’t work properly. They may not stay open or closed and the locks may not be effective. This may not be a problem right away, but over time, as the window in the opening has room to move, these problems will become more pronounced.

Mold and rot: Improperly installed windows with extra space are prone to leakage. Leaks lead to mold, mildew and rot – often unseen and unnoticed until there is a costly problem. Safety: If your window is not properly anchored, it could fall out during a pot or earthquake.


Our professional installers have seen just about every possible scenario and know how to avoid most problems. Our installers go through the Installation Masters Training and Certification Program, a national program that is committed to teaching installers the right techniques. This experience gives Newman Windows and Doors the unique ability to guarantee any job in any home. Not only will your new window installation look beautiful, but it will also give you the peace of mind that it has been installed correctly so that the windows will function and last.

Working with a company you can trust really makes a huge difference in the end. Download our free Transparency Guide to learn more.

In the case of replacement window installation, there is actually no alternative to professional installation. You’ll probably save money and frustration, but the peace of mind you get from working with a company that knows and stands behind their work is also invaluable.

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