Highland Boy Celebrates End of Brain Tumor Treatment With Ride in Supercar

HIGHLAND — Last December, 9-year-old Noah Reeb started getting severe migraines and her mom says she knew something was wrong.

“It’s one of those tragic moments where you read they turn the screen and say you have cancer,” Jacque recalls, “And in our case, they turned it over and showed us Noah’s tumor in the center of his head and said he has brain cancer and we have to take him to the hospital today.”

Since then, Noah has undergone six months of treatment to fight that brain tumor.

‘It’s like every mother’s worst nightmare,’ says Jacque, ‘and then you immediately want to protect him and you don’t know what to do, so from that point on you just rely on faith. Believe and trust in God that whatever happens has a reason.”

On Wednesday, Noah finished his last round of radiation. His tumor is gone and now he is being monitored until he is 18 to make sure he stays healthy and strong.

In August, Noah can ring the bell at Primary Children’s Hospital, which officially means he is cancer-free, but his family wanted to celebrate earlier and include some of Noah’s favorite things, football and cars.

“We reached out to a good friend of ours who happened to be part of an exotic car club and originally we wanted him to just show up so Noah could have a dream drive in a Ferrari,” says Jacque, “he said how much I cars to show and he gets to choose what he drives?”

So after Noah’s last treatment, he went to the park to throw the football with his mother.

“I finished radiation and my mom was like ‘go long Noah’, Noah recalls, ‘I caught it and then I had to throw it back and she’s like ‘faster Noah’, and then I caught it again, and then is she like ‘Noah, look at that cool car.’ And I was like oh it’s just a normal Porche.

“The last pass he caught and he turned around and he saw the line of cars, and doctors and drivers, and everyone just started clapping for him,” Jacque says that Noah was emotional about the whole surprise.

“There are like Lambos and Ferraris and stuff and I was so happy,” says Noah, “And then I saw my friend and then I cried because I was so happy.”

Noah’s friend is Brigham Young University Wide Receiver, Gunner Romney. Jacque says Gunner and Noah have a special bond and that the entire BYU athletics department has supported Noah throughout his treatment.

“Those are Noah’s heroes,” she says, “guys who made it that are good, real, good people like Gunner and his brother Baylor, Isaiah Kaufusi, we have many now that Noah looks up to.”

Noah went for a ride in a Lamborghini and his sisters, Maxine and Scarlett, both got to drive one of the exotic cars.

Now that treatment is over, Noah says he’s most excited to be playing tackle football and going back to school.

“Yeah, I beat brain cancer and I’m done with radiation,” says Noah, “I don’t have to get nauseous or I don’t really have more things to worry about.”

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