Jammu pediatricians suggest steps to safeguard children

JAMMU, MAY 30: There is a sense of concern about the approaching “third wave” of Covid-19 among the masses. It is said to be targeting children, a section of society that may never be able to defend the infection like the other age groups. In this regard, several of Jammu’s pediatricians shared their advice.

Professor Department of Pediatrics, SMGS Hospital Jammu, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Digra has said that regardless of the hyped third wave of Covid-19, young children have always been at risk of contracting the infection. While in previous waves, the infection has been asymptomatic and mild in nature, it could become more serious in the future, he said.

“The responsibility to protect children from Covid-19 rests with the elderly. If they follow the correct Covid behavior religiously, they can ensure that the infection does not reach their children at home.”

The doctor has also reminded parents to give children their routine vaccines to prevent other deadly diseases. ‘Vaccines help prevent many deadly diseases in children. As long as they are protected from all of them, we can expect our children to have strong immunity to Covid too,” he said.

Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics at SMGS Hospital, Dr. Anuj Bhatti said that if a child suffers from a high fever for more than three days, does not eat properly, starts vomiting, does not breathe naturally, has a bluish discoloration on body parts, sunken eyes or dry lips, and his / her oxygen saturation level drops below 94 , has conjunctivitis or neck pain, abdominal pain, one should consult a doctor immediately, either by phone or through eSanjeevani’s telemedicine facility. If a child shows symptoms of Covid, get them tested for Covid and treat them accordingly, he adds.

Lecturer at SMGS Hospital Jammu, Dr Pallavi Sharma, says many patients are infecting young children in their families through nonchalance towards Covid-appropriate behavior. She asks parents and other family members to keep an eye on children and have them tested for Covid right away if they show symptoms. “Fever, redness of the eyes, and loose stools are among the main symptoms seen in children,” she says.

Families must wholeheartedly adopt Covid-appropriate behavior so that the young generation is saved. Usually it is the adults who leave the house and it is they who can bring the infection home,” says Dr Pallavi. She also warned that the suspected third wave of Covid is expected to attack the young age group, saying ‘as they are the ones who have not been vaccinated, they could be easy prey for the pandemic’.

She also asked parents to instill in their children the habit of frequent hand washing, disinfection and proper mask wearing.

Senior Resident Pediatric Doctor, SMGS Hospital, Dr. Sachit Sharma, says that if a nursing mother is Covid positive, she can give her milk to her child. “She should wear a mask and collect the milk in a bowl. The same milk can be given to the child with a spoon, by another healthy family member,” he informs. On the other hand, if she is Covid positive and asymptomatic, she can feed the baby while wearing a mask and observe other Covid-appropriate hygiene. He also advises that such a mother keep a distance between her bed and the baby cot.

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