Jared Padalecki Starts GoFundMe for Supernatural ‘Family Member’ Who Died from Breast Cancer

Jared Padaleckic

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Jared Padalecki uses his platform to give back to someone he considered “family.”

Padalecki, 39, launched a GoFundMe campaign this week to support the loved ones of his late supernatural “relative” Holli DeWees, who died of breast cancer earlier this month.

“As some of you may have noticed, one of our very own #SPNFamily members recently passed away after a brave battle with cancer,” he wrote on the campaign page on Monday. “Holli Dewees was not only family, but also a long-time volunteer at Random Acts. She worked to make so many lives better, and now we have the chance to take up her mantle and give some help to the most important people in her.” life – her children.”

DeWees is survived by her husband, Mike DeWees, and their two children.

“All funds raised here go directly to her husband and children,” the actor continued. “Thank you so much for helping her family get through this incredibly difficult time. With love and gratitude.”

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Padalecki also spoke about the campaign on Twitter on Monday.

“Earlier this month we lost a #SPNFamily member, @hollidewees, to breast cancer. Holli leaves behind two small children who now need our help,” he wrote. “If you have the resources to join us in helping them, please do and if not, please consider leaving words of support for her family on this page.”

He further noted that he will also “zoom in with one of the donors for a chat”.

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To date, the campaign has received more than $23,000 in donations.

“Thank you all for all the support you’ve given this family thus far,” he wrote in an update on the GoFundMe page. “Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that GoFundMe cannot accept donations intended for a raffle. But I’d still like to talk to one of you.”

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“So whether you donate or not, if you want to give your name for a chat, you can keep doing that,” he added.

Padalecki also asked people to “continue to support Holli’s family if you’d like to, but a donation through GoFundMe is not required for a chance to win a chat.”

DeWees announced on Instagram in September 2020 that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“It has spread to my lymph nodes,” she wrote in a note. “It’s triple negative, which makes it very aggressive. My doctors really don’t want to use radiation because of my autoimmune problems. I’m at least stage 3 and right now we’re trying to determine if it has spread further. If my other health problems have masked everything. If it has spread it will be phase 4.”

DeWees added, “I hope if any of you are going through something that makes you feel less alone reading this.”

DeWees posted her first “no hair” photo during her chemotherapy journey last November. Then she shared two side-by-side Polaroids of her hair before and after chemotherapy, writing, “It’s been a great year.”

Her last Instagram post was published in May and it showed her “hair is starting to come back” after recently restarting radiation treatment.

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