Kid beats cancer, donates toys to hospital

Kansas City, Mo. (KMBC) – A 7-year-old boy from Missouri won a battle with cancer and is now doing everything he can to help others.

Tripp Hughes got to ring a Kansas City Fire Department truck bell on Sunday to celebrate his latest chemo treatment pill.

“It’s just been a roller coaster,” Tripp said.

He’d been battling cancer since he was four, and the little guy won. Tripp said he feels “great”.

For a recent birthday, he had the idea to collect toys and money for the hospital that helped him instead of getting gifts himself.

“They’re running out of toys because they let the kids take some of the toys home, so we just want to help,” he said.

Krista Hughes, his mother, said friends and family have asked what they can make him celebrate.

“We knew he just didn’t need anything, and from there I just tumbled into what can we do to help give back?” she said.

Tripp and friends have been able to donate more than 2,500 toys to Children’s Mercy Hospital and more than $6,000.

“Every time we go there, they’re willing to give anything and everything we need for Tripp,” the mother said.

“I just hope this inspires other kids to do other useful things,” Tripp said.

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