Lenore Skenazy: When Child Abuse Pediatricians Get It Wrong | Columnists

DCFS also came for Wyatt’s older brother of three. He had never been away from them before.

But that’s not all: Krueger was also pregnant with their third son at the time. According to Krueger, DCFS took him four hours after giving birth.

The family spent 467 days apart. It took an incredible amount of time and money to gather evidence that they were not guilty of abuse. In doing so, they were helped by the Family Justice Resource Center, an Illinois nonprofit founded by Michelle Weidner—a mother who had endured a similar nightmare a decade earlier. The center helps “families facing wrongful allegations of abuse and neglect, with an emphasis on medically based allegations,” the website said.

“They were an answer to our prayers,” Krueger says.

With the help of FJRC, the Kruegers found a lawyer in the field and a respected pediatrician to review Wyatt’s files. This doctor discovered that Wyatt’s disease was not imagined or caused by the parents. She also said genetic testing revealed Wyatt had Xia-Gibbs syndrome, a rare disease that causes respiratory problems. The CAP had rejected this possibility.

Meanwhile, Krueger undertook a psychiatric evaluation conducted by a state-licensed psychologist (but paid for by the Kruegers), which found that she was of sound mind and not prone to abusing a child.

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