Local pediatrician seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases among children

GRANTS PASS, Oregon — It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic is at the center of Oregon, and cases continue to climb to levels not seen since the fall and winter peaks. But due to the arrival of the Delta variant and the current vaccination landscape, the cases are getting younger.

“Everyone should join their public health department and do what’s recommended — I believe that everyone who is eligible for vaccination should get vaccinated. I think everyone should mask and maintain social distancing,” said Dr. Steven Marshak.

dr. Marshak has been a pediatrician since 2003. He currently works for the Siskiyou Pediatric Clinic in Grants Pass. His clinic is currently seeing a rise in the number of cases.

“We’ve seen an increase in our clinic, from 0 to 1 in the first year and a half to 5 to 7 diagnoses per afternoon in our clinic,” said Dr. marshak.

A Wall Street Journal report said hospitals across the country are preparing for more pediatric cases as schools reopen. The report describes how children’s hospitals prepare emergency plans in the event of an increase in childhood multisystem inflammatory syndrome, or MIS-C.

“You know that occasionally you can see a very sick child with a multi-inflammatory disease that is usually the result of a previous Covid infection that occurs about four weeks later. They come in with shock, they’re encephalopathic, and they have liver failure and kidney failure,” added Dr. Marshall to it.

As more mandates are introduced and schools are distributed, Dr. Marshak that masks and social distancing will keep schools open.

“It’s been really traumatic and emotional for our kids and we’re seeing a lot of depression and anxiety. I think the only way we can do to get our kids back to school is to follow those measures through vaccination and social distancing.” mask,” concluded Dr. Marshak.

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