Maumee Pediatric Associates experiencing uptick in kids exposed to or testing positive for COVID-19

Dr. Noah Sutter says with school starting, it really seems like the problem is becoming worse.

MAUMEE, Ohio — A Maumee pediatrician says the phone is ringing off the hook with the new school year underway and he has a warning for parents. 

Michelle Ramlow, a mother of two, says it has her worried. 

“I feel like as we’ve noticed people unmasking more, kids are getting exposed to normal germs that they haven’t been exposed to for how long, I mean my son, he’s two. So it’s been mostly COVID,” said Ramlow. 

She says she doesn’t feel her 2-year-old son’s immune system is strong enough to handle what’s out there. 

Dr. Noah Sutter, a pediatrician at Maumee Pediatric Associates, says Ramblow’s not alone. 

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a big increase in concern for COVID exposures, and also, we’ve started to see more and more positive cases. With school starting, it really seems like this was a problem that’s starting to become worse and worse.” 

He says it’s happening at the worst time, especially for parents like Ramlow, who want to see her 4-year-old in class this year. 

“I’m actually super excited for him to get into school. I’m excited for that. And with the delta variant, like I said, we just do what we can. So we know it’s out there. We need to be smart, do the same precautions we’ve been doing,” said Ramlow. 

Doctors say that means, once again, kids wearing masks and not gathering indoors with big crowds. 

“It’s not fun. I don’t like it, but if we want to keep kids in school – which, everybody wants to keep kids in school – we’re gonna have to do a better job of again being mindful of kind of possible exposures. Locking some of that stuff down,” said Sutter. 

Ramlow says it’s a scary time and she knows parents are doing the best they can because unfortunately, they’ve had to juggle all this once before.

Sutter says your kids should start taking their medication now if they have allergies and if you see COVID-19 symptoms, call your pediatrician for the best advice. 


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