Mentor boy donates hair to Wigs for Kids

MENTOR, Ohio (WJW) – An 11-year-old boy who grew his hair almost a foot and a half finally got a haircut after more than three years. The boy from Mentor says he is not wearing a new hairstyle to improve his appearance, but to help children in their fight against cancer.

“I’m nervous. I’m not sure what the length should be,” said Kilian Turcovsky, sitting in the chair before getting a haircut.

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Turcovsky was about to get a new haircut for a good cause. For the past three and a half years, he has grown his striking red hair to almost a foot and a half, inspired by NHL hockey players.

“It will feel a little uncomfortable because when I bend over, I don’t have hair in my eyes,” he joked.

Kilian’s parents told him about Wigs for Kids, an organization that supplies wigs to children who lose their hair due to medical conditions. On Thursday evening, Jen Bergem, owner of Haven Hairco in Mentor, went to work tying Kilian’s hair into locks and cutting them one at a time.

“It takes 12 ponytails to make a wig, but his hair is so thick,” Bergem explains.

“It means a lot because if they start to lose their hair, if that happened to me, I would probably be very upset, before you know it, you have a really cool wig,” said the boy.

Kilian says his mother found that it costs $ 1,800 to make each wig, so he decided to not only take care of the hair, but also raise money.

“I ended up raising $ 2,125,” said Turcovsky.

‘He didn’t expect anything in return. He wanted to grow his hair and he wanted to raise money, ”said Kilian’s mother, Elizabeth Turcovsky.

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“It made me feel good that his immediate thoughts were to make someone else feel good and you can’t learn that, you can hope for it,” said his father Greg Turcovsky.

Before Kilian left the salon, he got a call from Jeffrey Paul, the founder of Wigs for Kids, who learned about his generosity.

“I know a little girl who just happens to be in the Cleveland area who could wear that hair and it’s always very hard for us to get that hair… .Kilian, don’t stop being who you are. … you are precious and God has clearly blessed you with a heart of gold, ”said Paul.

Jeffrey Paul invited Kilian to lunch and promised to show him around the facility that makes the wigs. The founder of “Wigs for Kids” said he would also try to create a meeting between the boy and the child who will eventually receive a wig from his donated hair.

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