Metamora IGA staff will host the 5th Redbird Lemonade Stand to Help with Childhood Cancer Research

Metamora, Illinois (WMBD) – Staff at Metamora’s IGA grocery store set up a lemonade stand Sunday to help identify childhood cancer.

This is a movement initiated by Alex’ Lemonade Stand Foundation, which encourages fundraising every June.

Staff member Sean Robinson hosted the 5th Redbird Lemonade Stand, which featured free burgers, lemon cookies, and of course, donated lemonade.

The money will be donated to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, which was founded by Alex Scott. Alex Scott died at the age of eight but raised more than $1 million during his lifetime.

Robinson said he started a stand to help kids like her fight cancer.

“I was inspired because this only bothered her and all she cared about was helping others. I think it’s a great inspiring story,” Robinson said.

He said he would continue to run lemonade stalls every year as long as he worked for IGA.

Metamora IGA Staff to Host 5th Redbird Lemonade Stand to Aid in Childhood Cancer Research

Bronlink Metamora IGA staff will host the 5th Redbird lemonade stand to aid in childhood cancer research

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