Minnesotans raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

It’s a six-week virtual fundraiser with the goal of raising 600K. It’s called MNforStJude.

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – We all know the great work St Jude Children’s Research Hospital is doing to treat children with cancer, all free for families, but they need our help, and some local famous faces are popping up.

‘Children still get sick. Cancer didn’t take a year off, ”says Ben Leber.

Ben Leber is a former NFL player and current broadcaster. His wealth of knowledge extends far beyond just sports. He knows charities like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital have had a hard time this year, and he knows the heartbreak of a family in need of St. Jude’s help.

“My brother’s oldest child got brain cancer at a very young age, he was only a few months old,” says Leber.

“In everything I think you’re trying to find the positives, and I think the positives for us, and our family, we saw the great benefits, and we saw where every dollar, from every person around the world, when they donate, we saw how it is used in St. Jude, ”he says.

That’s why Leber leads a group of notable locals in a six-week virtual fundraiser. It’s called MNforSt. Jude. You may notice that the digital messages draw your attention to the mission and the ultimate goal: to raise 600,000 dollars. And anyone can help. Even the smallest amount can have a big impact together.

“We just ask everyone to be creative and raise money and every dollar counts. Whatever you can come up with, be it a garage sale, a bake sale, a lemonade stand when things get good, anything you can do to Raising money would be great, ”says Leber.

The money allows families to focus on their little loved ones, not the bills.

“When you go to St. Jude, you’re helping everyone around the world with the research they are doing there and getting the best care and the best of everything for free,” says Leber.

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