Pediatric care means more than treating a sick child

Pediatric care means providing answers and guidance as your child grows. That’s why we strive to build lasting relationships with parents so they can raise safe, healthy children. Our primary care pediatricians will take the time to provide you with the information you need to make treatment decisions and to better understand your child’s medical condition.

Comprehensive primary care is designed to keep your child healthy – now and in the future. Our Children’s Clinic treats acute and minor illnesses in children by providing prompt medical attention for extended hours seven days a week when your regular physician may not be available. We are designed to save you unnecessary (and unpleasant) trips to the emergency room and ensure that your child is seen by a pediatrician (which is often not the case when visiting the emergency room). For fever to nasty weekend scratches, avoid the emergency room and head to TrustCare Kids where we’ll make your child feel better sooner.

Patient Profile: Phoenix Harmon (Age 4)

My 4-year-old daughter, Phoenix, had terrible pain in her toe, so we took her to see Dr. Cathie Phillippi at TrustCare Kids. The doctor took her temperature and Phoenix had a fever, which made Dr. Phillippi suspect her toe was infected.

She referred us to the UMC for treatment, where they ran tests and determined there was no infection. So we returned to TrustCare Kids, where Dr. Phillippi gave Phoenix an injection and did some more tests, advising that we keep Phoenix home until a proper diagnosis could be made.

Dr. Catherine P. Phillippi

Dr. Phillippi then called an orthopedist to rule out the possibility of an infection of the bone. She used her connections to get us an appointment the next day. The orthopedist did tests, but still no conclusive diagnosis.

Dr. Phillippi asked us to visit her again – and the third time was the charm. Dr. Phillippi’s prompt and thoughtful care allowed her to identify the problem and heal Phoenix’s toe before her condition worsened.

So in less than a week, Dr. Phillippi had used her connections to refer us to the UMC and a top orthopedic surgeon in town, and treated us three times herself at TrustCare Kids. She was so on top of it throughout the healing process. She even gave me her cell phone number and asked if I could contact her at any time with questions or updates. We have never received this level of care from Phoenix’s resident pediatrician.

We love Dr. Phillippi and her staff are fantastic. They are all so great with children. Phoenix is ​​only four years old, and when they took her blood and gave her an injection, she barely felt that anything was wrong. Really fantastic !!

~ Candie Harmon, Phoenix’s mother

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