Pediatric inflammatory cases dwindle along with coronavirus infections In LA County – Daily News

As COVID-19 cases have declined in Los Angeles County, so have diagnoses of a virus-related pediatric inflammatory condition, with just eight new cases reported in the past two months, health officials said on Friday, June 11.

Cases of childhood multi-symptom inflammatory syndrome, or MIS-C, peaked during the winter nationwide COVID wave. There were 100 MIS-C cases reported in the province in January and February, representing half the total number during the pandemic.

The syndrome is considered rare, but it is potentially fatal for patients who contract it. Of the 200 children diagnosed with the disease in the province, all had to be hospitalized and 36% ended up in intensive care. Two children died of the syndrome.

The Latino/a community was most affected, accounting for 73% of cases.

But with the COVID-19 numbers dropping to pandemic lows, the incidence of MIS-C has also fallen. Only eight cases were confirmed in April and May, according to the provincial health ministry.

Meanwhile, the county is gearing up with the rest of the state to lift most of the COVID-19 health restrictions on Tuesday. But health officials urged residents to remain cautious, as only about half of the population has been fully vaccinated.

“Protecting the residents of LA County remains a top priority as physical distancing requirements and capacity limits are lifted on June 15,” Barbara Ferrer, director of public health, said in a statement. “COVID-19 transmission that continues to occur among unvaccinated people leads to hospitalizations and deaths. While masks will not be necessary in many environments from June 15, face coverings remain an excellent means of protection for people who are not yet ready to be vaccinated.

“Fully vaccinated people are the most protected, so we are asking anyone who is eligible for the vaccine and has not yet been vaccinated to consider getting the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible,” she said.

Through this Thursday, anyone who receives a first vaccine dose at locations operated by the county, city or the St. John’s Well Child and Family Center will have a chance to win season tickets to the Clippers, Chargers, or Rams. The contest is also open to anyone who comes in for a second dose appointment and brings another person who needs a first dose.

Long Beach officials, meanwhile, will offer its residents the chance to win a two-night hotel stay, a $50 cash card, or a $50 gift card to Fandango, Target or Walmart if they get vaccinated before Saturday. That contest is open to anyone who comes in for their first dose of vaccine. Long Beach officials said that since they started offering incentives last month, the number of vaccinations has doubled.

The state of California will finalize its financial stimulus program on Tuesday and hold a drawing to give away $1.5 million each to 10 vaccinated residents.

Fifteen more vaccinated California residents — including three from Los Angeles County and one from Orange, San Diego and Riverside counties — were chosen Friday by the state to receive $50,000 prizes in a COVID-19 vaccine stimulus program.

The new winners join 15 chosen last week as part of the state’s $116.5 million “Vax for the Win” incentive program announced by Governor Gavin Newsom in hopes of enticing people to consider the COVID-19 virus. get injections.

The winners chosen Friday were not publicly identified, with the recipients chosen using a lottery-like system of numbered ping pong balls, with the numbers corresponding to one of the state’s 21.98 million eligible residents.

Winners will be contacted by the state in the coming days. Newsom, who oversaw the selection ceremony remotely from Vista in San Diego County, noted that two of the 15 winners chosen last week could not be reached, and two alternate winners were selected from last week’s finalists.

Of all eligible residents, the pool was randomly reduced to 200 and then sifted to 50. The final selection was made using a bingo-style machine, where 50 numbered balls fell into a spinning cylinder, from which the 15 winners were chosen.

Almost anyone in the state who has received at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine is eligible for the draw. However, in order to actually receive the money, the winners must complete the vaccination protocol by receiving their second dose, unless they received the Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine.

The province announced another five COVID-19 deaths on Friday, bringing the total death toll to 24,416.

An additional 198 cases were also announced, bringing the cumulative total for the entire pandemic to 1,245,949.

According to state figures, 236 people had been hospitalized as of Friday as a result of COVID-19 in the province, down from 240 on Thursday, with 43 people in intensive care, down from 45 the day before.

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