Pediatrician retires after 45 years of treating generations of Jackson families

JACKSON, MI – Dr. Naseer Humayun has a warmth about him that screams that he cares about his patients, said Sean Wilkinson, a patient throughout his childhood.

Wilkinson, now 28, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was three months old. At the time, his mother struggled to find a pediatrician who would adopt a child with a rare disease, but Humayun did not flinch when his mother asked.

“It was one of the best decisions my mom ever made for me,” Wilkinson said.

dr. Humayun always found time for Wilkinson, even when the day was fully booked, and eagerly found ways to make him feel better. When Wilkinson was born, he said cystic fibrosis was a death sentence, but with medical advances, he will live a long life.

“I can say without a doubt that without Dr. Humayun’s care, I most likely wouldn’t be here today,” Wilkinson said.

Humayun, 76, has been practicing in Jackson for 45 years, treating generations of Jackson families. His practice, Greenwood Pediatrics, will close on May 28 as he retires.

The most fascinating part of practicing pediatrics is watching generations of children grow, Humayun said. He started caring for those who are now grandparents, their children and now their grandchildren.

“We have a lot of memories of some great families we’ve cared for,” Humayun said.

Both patients and staff describe Humayun as a warm, caring doctor who created an atmosphere where patients are part of the family. Walking into the practice is like walking into your second living room, says Christina Haughton, a pediatrician.

Haughton said she’s only been working as a pediatrician in Humayun’s office for eight months, but she already feels like part of the family.

“He is genuinely happy and genuinely excited to see every patient, no matter what they come for,” Haughton said. “It is contagious.”

One patient who is just as excited to see Humayun is 2-year-old Kamreigh McCann. When she plays doctor at home, Kamreigh pretends to call Dr. Humayun, her mother Chelsea said.

As a child, McCann was a patient. As a new mother, Humayun was her first choice for Kamreigh’s care.

“He has dedicated his life to taking care of everyone and generations of people,” McCann said. “And I mean, he deserves very, very well to retire.”

Greenwood Pediatrics is not just a doctor’s office, but a community hallmark. The office nurse, Colleen Chadderton, attended McCann’s graduation and wedding.

Chadderton got emotional when he talked about the office closing. For her, Humayun was a mentor and friend of almost 30 years.

“He was the man who gave me the opportunity to be everything I wanted to be as a nurse practitioner,” Chadderton said. “…It never felt like a job. I loved it. And when he told me he was retiring, I just cried.”

Humayun plans to stay with Jackson during his retirement, visiting family, staying active and traveling once the pandemic eases. He said it is sad to retire, but the decision had to be made at some point in his life.

To all the Jackson families he has cared for, Humayun wants to say the following.

“I will have wonderful and beautiful memories of the families we have cared for and we will miss them all,” he said. “And I would like to express my thanks.”


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