Pediatricians encouraging masks in schools

Greenville, SC (WSPA) — As South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster insists that children should not wear masks in class,
pediatricians urge to raise awareness about the risks of covid-19 in children.

When kids go back to class, parents are faced with a decision: to wear a mask or not.
Kara Villians has a child on her way to school this fall.

“My kids are 3 and 4, my 3-year-old isn’t in school yet, my 4-year-old is starting this month and it’s honestly not realistic. I have no position anyway. I just know that my child will not be realistic in class and unable to concentrate.” Mother of two, said Kara Villians.

Governor Henry McMaster says the government should not mandate masks for children.

“Making masks mandatory is not the answer, personal responsibility is the answer, common sense is the answer and we have an abundance of both in South Carolina.” South Carolina, said Governor Henry McMaster.

Pediatrician Robert Saul says the numbers say otherwise.

“So many of the illnesses I treated when I was a young doctor in training children didn’t make it to the hospital. now the young doctors in training do not even see the disease.” said Dr. Saul.

He says science shows that wearing masks and vaccinations make a difference.

“We have to do what is best for children and families, we have to vaccinate all the children we can. and since we know that a significant percentage of children still cannot be vaccinated, the zero to 12, we need to protect them and the way to protect them is with a mask.” said Dr. Saul.

While everyone agrees that children should go to school, for Governor McMaster, not requiring masks is a matter of law,

“State law is crystal clear that state funds should not be used to enforce a mask mandate.” Governor McMaster said.

For some parents, it is a matter of choice whether or not to require a child to wear a mask…

‘I am one who will not live in fear. we are not constantly hiding behind something. So I’m not afraid of it. If we have covid then that’s the name of the game, and we’ll take care of ourselves and do what we have to do,” Villians said.

dr. Saul says encouraging vaccines and masks is a matter of science to consider…

“There are several myths about the vaccine, that it could affect the female ministry, no; that it can affect the fertility of the post, no…. there is now this misinformation again and it continues to be perpetuated that children are not at risk, that children if they are exposed do not have to worry about it and if they get sick that is not a problem, that is just not the case said Dr Saul.

dr. Saul says there is a vaccine for children ages 0 to 12, who are already undergoing clinical trials, his granddaughter will be a participant in another state.

According to Dr. Saul just released a strong statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics asking the FDA to approve the vaccine for children ages zero to 12 as soon as possible.

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