Pediatricians Urge Parents to Keep Up With Their Child’s Routine Vaccination Schedule – NBC 6 South Florida

After the COVID-19 vaccines were approved for emergency use, some parents started doing more research on all routine vaccines and said they’ve become a little reluctant to bring their kids to get the injections.

Pediatricians say it is important to be informed, but warn that there is a danger of stopping the vaccination completely.

“COVID has certainly had an impact on everyone in adhering to their vaccination schedule and we will certainly see an increase in vaccine-preventable diseases because of this,” said Dr. Danielle Squires of Kings Bay Pediatrics.

According to a CDC report published last year, data point to a remarkable decline in the ordering and administration of vaccines for diseases such as measles. Dr. Squires says some parents have been concerned about leaving home for a checkup at the height of the pandemic, while others have expressed a little more hesitation, asking more questions about vaccination in general.

“I encourage parents to feel informed about what they are giving their children. That is very important, as a parent it is the most important thing you can do, but I encourage them to also look to reliable sources and scientifically validated information,” said Dr. squires.

Patty Garcia says that once the COVID-19 vaccine became available, she started doing more research on all the vaccines and side effects her son might have.

“There are certain vaccinations that are on the schedule and I will choose to see it more as optional than something I would oblige my son,” Garcia said.

Garcia’s son is currently up to date on his vaccination schedule, but Garcia says she is closely monitoring whether schools will eventually mandate the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I’m not against vax at all. I am very much for vaccination. I believe in medical freedom and as parents we have to stand up for our children,” Garcia said.

Dr. Squires says it can be a very risky situation to postpone or cancel the vaccination schedule completely.

“If we allowed everyone to just go for the XYZ vaccine and let’s say they skip another one, we’d be in a whole ‘new health care crisis,'” Garcia said.

The doctors at Kings Bay Pediatrics say summer is a great time to come in for checkups and make sure your child is up to date on vaccines.

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