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Jammu: Dr Sanjeev Kumar Digra, Professor of Pediatrics Department, SMGS Hospital Jammu has said that regardless of the hyped third wave of Covid-19, young children have always been at risk of passing on the infection.

Although the infection was observed in previous waves to be asymptomatic and mild in nature, it could become more severe in the future, he added.

“As more people are infected with the virus, young children become more vulnerable to contracting the infection. So protecting children against Covid-19 lies with adults. If they religiously follow the correct Covid behavior, they can keep the infection from reaching their children at home, ”the doctor advised.

The doctor said that the elderly in the family should act as role models and teach children how to adopt Covid-appropriate behavior, wear masks and regularly disinfect their hands. “Until the childhood vaccine time trial is underway and children are not vaccinated, Covid-appropriate behavior is the only defense,” he said. However, he said that, according to recent guidelines, nursing mothers can also receive vaccination.

The doctor also reminded parents to give children their routine vaccines to prevent other deadly diseases. Vaccines help prevent many fatal diseases in children. If only they are protected from all, then we can expect our children to have strong immunity to Covid too, ”he said.

The doctor gives tips to parents and advises them to take care of the nutrition and hydration of children, in addition to physical activities indoors to keep fit. He suggests that parents spend time with their little ones while limiting their time on screen, ie. use of telephones, tablets and other multimedia gadgets.

If there is a symptomatic Covid patient at home, make sure you isolate him / her and don’t let children in. On the contrary, if a child is Covid positive, adults should make sure to wear double masks around the child, as the child is not old enough to be kept in isolation, ”Dr. Sanjeev teaches. They also often need to sanitize surfaces and things around the child, he added.

Dr. Sanjeev describes the Covid symptoms in children and informs that they include fever, sore throat, cold, cough, and dysentery. In the second wave, it has been observed that children also tend to develop rashes and redness in the eyes, he said.

If a child has a high fever for four to five days, is not eating properly, starts vomiting, is not breathing naturally, has bluish discoloration of body parts, has sunken eyes or dry lips, and his / her oxygen saturation level falls below 94, immediately consult a doctor by telephone or via the eSanjeevani telemedicine department All facilities for the treatment of such children are available at the Maternal & Child Care Hospital, Gandhi Nagar Jammu, Dr. Sanjeev informs.

Dr Sanjeev expresses hope, saying, “If we genuinely adopt Covid appropriate behavior, we may even be able to prevent the third wave at all.”

It is pertinent to note that all Covid-related questions and concerns can be resolved via helpline number 0191 2571616. The public can also call the Divisional Control Room on 0191-2520982, 2549676, 2674444, 2674115, 2674908.

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