politics have taken over the physician-patient relationship

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WTVF) — A Nashville pediatrician said she is concerned the state is heading down a path that encourages misinformation about vaccines that could harm children.

dr. Vidya Bansal has 16 years of practice, including residency, and has her own office on site. She said that when she heard the news that the state would interrupt or reduce contact with teenagers, her first thought was that it could potentially harm families and children.

“If the community doesn’t have good vaccination coverage, you predispose children who are too young to get the vaccine to get some of these vaccine-preventable diseases,” said Dr. bansal.

As originally reported by the Tennessean, the state sent a memo to stop all school vaccination events and teen vaccination campaigns.

It follows Republican state lawmakers who oppose case law allowing children as young as 14 to receive a vaccine without a parent’s consent.

Tennessee’s top vaccine official was fired after she sent a memo about the Mature Minor Doctrine, which some in the state government disagreed with.

dr. Bansal said she considers these decisions politically motivated, as Dr. The tax authorities only shared the case law.

“This decision appears to have been made under political pressure,” Bansal said. “The way it happened in the timeline it happened doesn’t lead me to any other way to think differently. If you have legislators and governments standing in the way of the doctor-patient relationship, your prescription is now red and blue and that’s not the oath that pediatricians and doctors have taken.”

Bansal said she believes patient relationships should be between the doctor and the person, not the state government. She believes the leadership has made a serious mistake in this case that could lead the Tennessee residents to look for false information.

“If parents don’t have access to that information, they look for alternative sources of that information that may not be correct,” she said. “Personally, all pediatricians have seen devastating effects on children of all ages and these diseases are reaching beyond the older populations and COVID is a perfect example of that.”

Bansal is part of the Protect My Care group, which is asking the Justice Department to investigate state leaders after Dr. tax.

It also comes the same day that Dr. Fiscus revealed that she had been given a muzzle anonymously through Amazon. Fiscus said her family has contacted TN Homeland Security, but Amazon would not reveal who shipped the package without a subpoena.

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