S.D. American Academy of Pediatrics sends letter to school boards asking for mask mandates | Education

The RCAS School Board has been vocal in its dissent against mask mandates, instead advocating for families to choose what is best for the health of their children.

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The letter commends school boards for keeping schools open last year and says the co-signers fully support decisions to open schools in person this year, but that they recognize there is a significant risk to students, staff, and the wider community if sufficient mitigation strategies are not implemented. The letter specifically cited universal mask wearing as the most effective strategy.

Simon gave the RCAS Board concrete evidence of mask effectiveness on Monday, telling them that of the 1,246 students that were infected with COVID last school year, not one of those cases originated from people who wore masks.

“The universal use of masks is safe, inexpensive, and is a simple strategy to prevent the spread of Covid within the schools’ walls,” the letter states. “Masks alone were likely responsible for the extremely low secondary transmission rates of COVID-19 in schools across the country, despite high rates of community transmission of COVID-19. If no other mitigation strategies are used, masks alone may be able to keep our schools operational as we are beginning the next surge of COVID-19 in our region.”

The letter lays out six realities that schools need to consider this academic year:

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