Safe playground for immunocompromised kids taking shape in Tempe

TEMPE, AZ – A playground for immunocompromised kids takes shape in Tempe after a seven-year-old cancer survivor inspired the safe space.

Lily’s Pad becomes a hyper-clean space for sick children battling cancer, and others with fragile immune systems.

Mesa resident Lily Taylor, 7, is cancer free after battling leukemia following her diagnosis at age three.

The venue, which was donated by Coinless Laundry, will hopefully feature an indoor playground sometime next year.

“These children have been confined to their homes for weeks, if not months. Simple childhood pleasures such as playing on a playground, going to school or enjoying a playdate with a close friend are prohibited due to the risks of infection,” the website reads. “Our dream is to let these children be children one more time . Climbing, jumping and making friends again with other children who face the same hardships.”

Lily’s Pad plans to do regular cleaning with Decon 7, which they write is a powerful and effective cleaner used by the military and other public services.

In addition to having hand sanitizer and masks, visitors must wear a fresh pair of clean socks.

On Tuesday, Discover Card presented Taylor with a $50,000 donation to help further her goal of opening the indoor playground.

Lily’s Pad has raised approximately $125,000 of their estimated $500,000-600,000 total.

At this time, the Lily’s Pad location is being demolished as the building has been knocked down to the studs.

“Instead of operating equipment or beds to lie on, they will have play equipment to slide down and climb on and be kids,” said Lily’s father, Brad Taylor.

The playground is carpeted and wheelchair accessible for children.

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