Schoolgirl Ayla is top of the chops to help kids with cancer

A kind-hearted youth has chopped off her locks to help children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatment.

Little Ayla Hulley had her hair cut six inches long to donate to The Little Princess Trust, an organization that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy.

The thoughtful seven-year-old joined the Beau Ami salon in Johnstone on April 16, where she braved the scissors for a good cause, while the staff of the salon on Collier Street cheered her on.

Her proud mother Gemma Hulley said the Glencoats Primary schoolgirl wanted to help other young people in need after coming up with the idea of ​​getting her hair cut.

In addition to her generous hair donation, Ayla has managed to raise nearly £ 800 for charity.

The money raised is enough to help pay for the wig making and to fit a child undergoing cancer treatment.

Ayla is getting ready for her big haircut (Image: Paisley Daily Express, UGC MSR)

Mother Gemma, 32, said: “She saw a video of another child cutting their hair to donate to charity and she came to us and told us she wanted to.

“She had originally planned to cut eight or nine inches off her hair, but when we got to the salon to measure it out, it turned six inches, which was great.

“She did so well and we are so proud.

“She had a few wobbles, but watching videos of kids getting their wigs really helped spur her on.

“She has had her hair cut at Beau Ami since she was a baby and all the staff in the salon were very helpful, which made her feel really good.”

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Ayla was ‘bulging’ that she had raised as much money for the charity as she did, after initially setting a goal of £ 100.

They have currently raised £ 790, and donations are still coming in.

The Paisley family was overwhelmed when they managed to raise their goal three times within hours of posting the JustGiving page.

Proud Ayla with her Little Princess Trust certificate (Image: Paisley Daily Express, UGC MSR)

Gemma added, “We couldn’t believe it.

“We didn’t expect to collect as much as we have and Ayla was over the moon every time more and more people donated.

“Within hours of placing it on a £ 100 target, it had risen to £ 300 which was fantastic.”

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Ayla was so happy with the experience that she now plans to grow her hair and donate it again as soon as it is long enough.

Gemma added: ‘She’s shocked to pieces.

“This is the first time she’s ever done anything for a good cause and she’s so happy she was able to make a difference for someone.

“She loves to wear bows in her hair and she even asked if we could send one to go with the wig.

“She has already said she wants to grow her hair back and donate it again if she can.”

To donate to Ayla’s fundraiser, visit

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