Suds for Kids: Fundraiser for Children’s Hospital Colorado

COLORADO – The annual charity event, Suds for Kids, raised money for Children’s Hospital Colorado Friday with a charity car wash.

All donations will go to Children’s Hospital Colorado and a local tax and accounting firm, WCG, will match the donations. WCG chose to give back to the hospital because some employees have special ties to the hospital.

“Colorado Children’s Hospital is in large part the reason my youngest son is still alive. My son was diagnosed with acute leukemia when he was ten. And he had three and a half years of chemotherapy,” said Roberta Bertrand, an agent at WCG.

Bertrand hopes to help families with similar stories, starting with this fundraiser. The donations fund research for the Children’s Hospital and its medical functions.

“We just hope to contribute to the research they’re doing there. And there are a lot of people who can’t afford treatment there and our donations can help with that,” said Bertrand.

According to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, only 4% of government funding for cancer research goes directly to childhood cancer and finding better treatment plans for children.

“Some of his treatments were rated for adult chemo and he just had to use it and get sick of it because they didn’t have it for kids,” Bertrand added.

A reason why this car wash for charity is so important for volunteers and the children’s hospital.

“Everyone needs help, but especially the little ones. My heart goes out to them when they need a helping hand. No gift is too small, be it a dollar or a hundred dollars. You give what you can give,” said Teresa Ojeda, who donated at the wash for charity.

“Had it not been for the Children’s Hospital research and the wonderful doctors there, my son probably wouldn’t have just finished high school and celebrated his 4-year cancer-free birthday,” said Bertrand.

The group raised approximately $8,000 from Friday’s charity car wash thanks to the community and WCG.

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