Third wave: SMS report says of 1,000 pediatric Covid cases, 5% may develop severe symptoms | Jaipur News

JAIPUR: SMS Medical College, which sent its report on the third wave to the health department, said it could also infect children. The report states that taking into account that 1,000 children are infected, 750 children are likely to have mild symptoms, 200 may become moderately ill and 50 may become seriously ill.
Based on the report, the health department is now preparing for the third wave and developing facilities including drug availability, ICUs and intensive care facilities in each district.
An SMS Medical College official said they have formed a team for research development and planning of the projected third wave. The team prepares a detailed need for drugs, consumables and infrastructure for every 1,000 pediatric patients.
Based on SMS Medical College’s recommendation, the health department has issued instructions to all medical health officials to ensure the stockpile of the drugs, taking into account the proportion of expected mild, moderate and severe cases per 1,000 pediatric Covid cases, said a health department official.
Given the threat of a third wave that could strike in September-October, the state government is taking steps to stock the drugs well in advance. SMS Medical College has suggested that the state purchase remdesivir and liposomal amphotericin B for children as well. Liposomal amphotericin B is for the treatment of mucormycosis, in case children contract the third wave fungus.
The health department also plans to increase the number of beds in government hospitals and to purchase medical equipment and medicines to treat children affected by Covid.


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