UVa pediatric infectious disease specialist advocates for COVID vaccinations for children

CHARLOTTESVILLE (WINA) – As Albemarle schools hosted their 2nd COVID Vaccination Clinic in Confirmation with BRHD on Albemarle High School Friday, a pediatric infectious disease specialist from the University of Virginia emphasized the importance of vaccinating children. dr. Debbie-Ann Shirley said that while children are less affected by COVID than adults and older people, children do get sick. We know there are 4 million infections across the country, although she believes this number is under-reported. 13,000 children have been hospitalized, 4,000 cases of COVID-induced multisystem inflammatory syndrome and 300 deaths. dr. Shirley says vaccination is safe and effective, with side effects usually localized pain in the injection area and rarer cases of fever.

The first Albemarle High School clinic was for the students and families of that school. Local residents were welcome in the Friday clinic.

The clinic lasts until 6 p.m.

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