UW Health nurse’s mission gets personal when daughter becomes her patient

MADISON, Delete. (WMTV) – A nurse from Madison has been caring for patients at American Family Children’s Hospital for the past two decades, particularly in the pediatric cancer ward. But everything this nurse knew changed in the blink of an eye because of one diagnosis, her daughter’s.

Assembling life-saving equipment, caring for small patients; these are all things on this pediatric cancer nurse’s checklist.

“We are in such a hurry, we are task-oriented. We have to do these things today, check, check, check ”, says Nicole.

After 20 years with a similar list of hospital duties, Nicole Wayman takes on a new, far too personal assignment.

‘Because that was me, right? I mean, I was her mother, but I was her nurse, ”says Nicole.

11-year-old Aubrey Wayman is not only Nicole’s firstborn, but now also her patient. Aubrey remembers the exact moment the doctors told her parents her diagnoses.

‘I’m like hmmm, something’s not right. I’m on my bed. They tell me I have a cancer. And I’m going crazy like what? Do I have real cancer? “recalls Aubrey.

It was T-Cell Non Hodgkin lymphoma, a rare cancer that starts in the white blood cells. The survival rate is high, but the diagnosis was life-altering nonetheless.

“Oh, I was absolutely scared. A lot of times really scared. Your mind doesn’t stop. I thought of all the worse scenarios,” Nicole recalls.

Going to treatments together, shaving their heads, Mom was even a nurse from home.

Aubrey had mother and mother had Aubrey.

“And that’s the nice thing about Aubrey, she’s always like this, positive in negative, and I would remind myself of that,” says Nicole.

Two and a half years later, Aubrey herself is in remission again. And the mother and daughter duo take time for the little things, living in the moment. This family has a new checklist to follow.

“Life slows down a lot when you have a sick child, and every day I gave her what she needed that day, regardless of the tasks we could complete,” says Nicole.

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