With Grace Initiative Partners with Prestige Diner to Raise Awareness and Funds for Childhood Cancer Research

NEW AMENITIES, NJ – Grace Eline, a 12-year-old cancer survivor completing sixth grade, helped raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer through a partnership with Prestige Diner and hosted a “Dinner with Grace” event that brought family and members of the community together for a good cause: The Grace Initiative.

Grace was diagnosed with Germinoma, a germ cell brain tumor, at the age of nine. Through her diagnosis and treatments, Grace never forgot to smile and lighten the mood for the other patients she met along the way. She is a warrior and survivor. Grace has devoted her energies to helping various charities with fundraising, awareness campaigns, and visits to the Valerie Fund and Rutgers Cancer Institute in New Jersey, where she received treatment. She always remembers to find her smile when she goes there, and all the people who met her there will tell you that she always brightens their day.

This dinner fundraiser is part of a regular calendar of events planned through Grace’s With Grace Initiative foundation. The drive is to maintain advocacy and expand exposure to reach more people. “I’m passionate about advocating and just raising awareness for the cause. – I really want to make sure that the awareness is there, and that people who know about the cause know that there are many things they can do. “

Grace’s mission is to make the world a better place for those in treatment and surviving — and the caregivers and doctors. “I just want to make sure people get a better overall experience because it was me and I hope people or kids don’t even get cancer in general in the future, but when they do they have a good treatment process and that they have the resources they need,” Grace told TAPinto.

“Cancer in children is clearly a cause that is close to our hearts,” said Grace’s mother Aubrey. “Our lives are forever marked by pre-cancer and post-cancer. We are grateful that Grace is getting a follow-up care. So we are very passionate about making an impact with that and helping others. We saw the need when we were in treatment to help others to help children with cancer. We were treated in Newark — there were a lot less fortunate. And we felt compelled to start this initiative and pay it forward. So thanks to your support, we can help other children. We can send care packages. “

Grace thanked everyone for supporting the With Grace Initiative. “We are extremely grateful for everyone’s support tonight. especially Jimmy [Vardas] of the Prestige Dinner. You’ve been a proactive partner here.” She presented Vardas with an Impact Award. “The award is to show all the good and positive impact you’ve made for us, and for the world and children’s cancer,” said Grace. So it’s really just to show all the good and positive impact you’ve made for us, and for the world and childhood cancer.”

Aurbrey told TAPinto, “We’re trying to reach 50 states.” Grace recently reached an international audience through her work at a proton radiation company. “They are advocating for access to care in children’s hospitals in China in Shanghai,” she said. “They are providing a proton beam machine in China outside of Shanghai. – Grace spoke via zoom during the unveiling.”

Grace has been before Congress on several occasions to advocate for funding for childhood cancer research. “We’re also focused on raising money for research. At the federal level, the vast majority of cancer research spending goes to adults. But our question is ‘what about children?’ So we’re focused on getting that state-level research funding — for childhood cancer research. We hope that with your participation, our initiative will enable us to support critical research initiatives so that children can survive. And if they survive, they have a better survival, and they don’t have long-term problems like 75 percent of survivors do. So with your help tonight, we can make that impact. So we’re insanely grateful,” Aubrey said.

Aubrey recognized Senator Tom Kean, who was in attendance, as his partner helped pave the way in New Jersey. “There is no state funding. Hopefully after this legislative season we will have passed three bills for childhood cancer research,” Aubrey said.

Click here to learn more about Grace’s journey and the work behind the With Grace Initiative.

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